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Types of Tourism in Nepal and Their Prospect Year 2016 Pages 47 Nepal is a beautiful country rich and diverse in natural and cultural resources which is in its developmental phase and is full of potentiality in tourism sector. For this purpose, the government of Nepal and the tourism industry of Nepal1. 2. Major Tourist Attractions of Nepal 1. 3. History of Nepalese Tourism 1. 4. Actors of Tourism Industry in Nepal 1. 5. An Overview of Nepalese Economy in Relation to Tourism 1. 6. Objectives of Study 1. 7. Limitation of Study 1. 8. Organization of Study 1. 9. Research Methodology Chapter II: Presentation and Analysis of Data 2. 1. Presentation and Analysis of Data 2. 2. tourism industry in nepal pdf

NEPAL: DIRECT CONTRIBUTION OF TRAVEL& TOURISM TO EMPLOYMENT NEPAL: TOTAL CONTRIBUTION OF TRAVEL& TOURISM TO EMPLOYMENT 4 Travel& Tourism generated 487, 500 jobs directly in 2014 (3. 5 of total employment) and this is forecast to grow by 4. 0 in 2015 to 506, 500 (3. 5 of total employment).

Andreceipts from tourism in 1978 reached some27 million (Smith 1981). Clearly, the tourist industry has this is further set out in the recent FiveYearPlanfor (National Planning 1979). Tourism Policy, 2052 Preamble: Tourism has been competitively and rapidly developing in the world, and due to specific natural and cultural heritages there is a great possibility of tourism industry in Nepal. tourism industry in nepal pdf tourism financing is expected to cover both the investment and financing function, it is imperative to find its role in economic growth and development. Assistant Director, Research Department, Nepal Rastra Bank.

tourism sector Profile GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL OFFICE OF THE INVESTMENT BOARD. DISCLAIMER The information included in this brochure is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal developments, adjustments, or settle tourism industry in nepal pdf Tourism is a major economic activity in Nepal with its contribution estimated to be NRs. 147. 2 billion (US 69 billion) in 2012 or 9. 4 percent of GDP (Jones, 2011). Source: Compiled from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (2001); Nepal Tourism Board (2002a). 130 September 2001May 2002, an increase of 107 was identified for June 2002. Tourism and Economic Growth in Nepal 21 persistent expansion of international tourism. Another study by Zortuk (2009) showed the economic impact of tourism on Turkey's economy. It used quarterly data from 1990Q1 and 2008Q3 to investigate the relationship between Tourism Policy The tourism industry is growing very rapidly and Nepal has tremendous potential for tourism development because of its unique natural and cultural heritage.

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