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2019-11-21 17:06

The Nitaqat program is designed in a manner that 50 of companies in the same sector and of identical size would come under Excellent and Green bands. Depending on the bands under which the companies fall, they would either receive incentives in the form of services and facilities or face several sanctions.the MoL to introduce the Nitaqat program as a reenforcement policy in 2011. Nitaqat which means bands or zones is designed to provide companies with more attainable targets. nitaqat program pdf

LABOR AND THE NITAQAT PROGRAM: EFFECT ON THE. SAUDI ARABIAN ECONOMY 1 Overview of the Nitaqat program The Ministry of Labor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched the Nitaqat (which

Nitaqat program provides an integrated set of incentives for those companies that are working to increase their Saudi employees, which also clearly defines the consequences faced by those companies that are unable to achieve the needed percentage of Saudi employees or have less than required. The Nitaqat localization program that focuses more on the number of Saudi employees in each company rather than their. capabilities, it has forced many companies to hire Saudis just to stay away from both red and yellow zones and enter into the green zone in order to get the maximum benefits from the nitaqat program pdf Saudi Arabia's new Nitaqat system is effected on 3rd September 2017 in the Kingdom, which mandated all companies to hire some percentage of Saudi citizens as employees in the local organizations.

Saudi Arabia is revisiting its Nitaqat program with a renewed focus on reducing unemployment in the Kingdom. This is the first time Nitaqat has been reviewed since it was implemented in 2011 and the revisions have several aims: nitaqat program pdf The new Nitaqat grading program will be effective from September 2017 and is being implemented amidst reports that almost 60 of work visa (Iqama) applications for foreign

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